When We Choose to Honor Those Around Us — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for that Sheryl! I am so guilty of keeping score and of holding on to hurt for entirely too long. Your words spoke to my heart.

    • I do, too, Marla. Let’s pray for each other to allow God to help us do better.
      And by the way, it’s always nice to see you on the Today Can Be Different blog, Marla.

  2. Relationships are rocky. As someone who will soon be married, I appreciate the concept of honoring each other. I am often humbled at how supportive my future wife is even during my imperfect moments. I, therefore, strive to honor her at all times… even during her imperfect moments.

    • Great comment, Josh! If you’re able to grasp this concept now, you’ll have a much better marriage than most.
      Thank you for dropping by. Please do so again – and let us know how you and your soon-to-be-wife are doing.

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