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  1. Sometimes it is hard for me to even comprehend God’s love for me as a compassionate Father — until He shows me that the love He has for me is like the love I have for my own dear children — only multiplied, perfected, and deepened! 😉

    I like to pray that as He shows me where I err, that He would also grant me courage to go to Him with that sin and to persevere in my walk with Him. He is so very gracious.

  2. It always helps me so much to think of God as my loving Abba Father. A question our pastor asked this weekend, which stuck with me, is “When you stumble, do you run away from God or to God?” As Abba, we know we can run to Him for love, comfort, guidance and teaching. Great article!

  3. I love this post and I love the comments! Truly knowing God as Abba Father, makes all the difference in how we respond to Him. He is God, creator of all things, yet to His children (those who trust in Him) He is also (with great reverence) known as Abba. How great a God we serve!

  4. So very thankful for God’s unconditional love and that peace that passeth all understanding. There is no greater pain than the loss of a child. The grief, unimaginable. Equally as hard to imagine, is that anything or anyone could bring peace, comfort or healing to a heart broken in this tragedy. It was always easy to run to and trust him in the little things, but this was when I learned He is Abba, Father in all things and knowing my love for my children will always be, no matter what they do, and mine is but a mere fraction of the love He has for us, is how I know I never need run or hide from Him.

    • You, my dear Janie, have faced what every parent fear – the very worse pain any parent could endure. Yet you endured with God’s mercy and grace Our prayers and love are with you.
      Thank you for dropping by. Thank you especially for your moving comment.
      I hope to see you again at Today Can Be Different.

      • Sheryl, it wasn’t my child but the child of a very close friend. In being by her side, watching her faith through all the days leading to and then the days after, my faith was strengthened. It was unimaginable to me, before that journey, that I could possibly live through the same. I’d often even run from God and had been so angry with Him, but through it all, my friend never did. In her trial, we all learned to trust Him more.

      • Wow! What a great post, Janie. Further proving how our lives influence those around us. Thank you for clarifying my misunderstanding of your last comment. I pray your friend (and those around her) continues to experience God’s strength and comfort.

        Thank you again for stopping by. Please continue to do so!

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