Does God Feel Far, Far Away? — 4 Comments

  1. This is so true Sheryl. My life didn’t really begin to turn around until I came to understand that I could not do anything except God help me to do it. I am totally defenseless when I rely on myself.

  2. My favorite time spent with God is in nature with my Grandbabies. As young as they are, they see every flower, bug, stick and rock with an awestruck wonder of God’s mightiness. I used to think it was us teaching them about the Lord in every little thing. Turns out, it was we who learned even more from them, in their awe. My personal favorite time spent with God is alone in prayer and studying His word with my son. Before we know it, it’s dawn sometimes. We have a couple of favorite pastors who just have this way of bringing the history and mystery clear and alive. Should say, God does it through them though.

    • Wonderful!
      Wonderful in your sharing your love of God with your grandchildren and your son.
      Wonderful in the dedication you have in spending time with your heavenly Father.
      Wonderful for great pastors.
      And …
      Wonderful that you stopped by again, Janie! Thank you for visiting Today Can Be Different – and for leaving a comment, too! 😉

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