Do You Believe God Loves You, Specifically? — 8 Comments

  1. Sometimes (like now) I feel very unlovable. I feel so inadequate. I keep trying to do things right, and while I have a success here and there, and feel like I mostly fail.

    I know at one level that God loves me, not because I am good, but because He is good. I am His child, and He loves me. And that makes me cry, because at another level I feel like I’ve screwed up my life so royally, I don’t even want Him to love me. I feel like I don’t deserve it.

    • Anonymous, I totally relate to your comment! Although I write well about this topic, I have to continuously pray for God to reveal His love to me – over and over again.
      We ALL mess up to the point we wonder how anyone – least alone God – can love us. But as you said, He loves us because He is good and (thankfully) we are His!
      Please don’t give up – because God isn’t giving up on you.
      Please keep in touch!

  2. I do have a problem believing, deep in my heart – where it matters – that God loves me. It’s in my head, but my heart is filled with hurt. All I can think of is the people I have loved and lost. Most specifically an elderly aunt who lived alone, and I prayed specifically for God’s hedge of protection around her. She was a Christian. And she was murdered in her own backyard. That was 15 years ago, and her killer is still alive and will not tell us what happened. I feel betrayed and abandoned on so many fronts. All of this while I am nursing my husband who has a chronic illness and I see him dying by inches. I need God’s love to be real in my heart.

    • Deep Waters, thank you for sharing. What a painful ordeal you have been through. No wonder you struggle with hurt and sense of betrayal. HOWEVER, dear, Deep Waters, God’s love is real – even for you – right now.
      No words of mine can convince you of course. I’m so thankful that you have not given up in wanting to believe.

      I will pray for you! I will pray that God will, indeed, reveal to you specifically, His love for you.

      Please keep in touch!

  3. Hello Sheryl
    I just came across this post, and it speaks directly to me. I am subject to anxiety and its cycle sometimes takes the following pattern.
    I know with certainty that God is good, great, full of grace and mercy, that God so loved the world that He sent his only Son Jesus to suffer and die a gruesome death and take the punishment for all the sins of the world (including mine), and that Jesus is the fullness of God and the embodiment of love. Nevertheless, despite this certainty about who God is, I still sometimes slide into questioning (in my mind) whether He has chosen me to be with Him forever. I then chide myself for my lack of faith because of the wondrous changes He has worked in me.
    He continues to lead me into exercising more genuine faith in Him (removing impurities of self-righteousness that I too often adopt), but along the way I encounter my anxiety.
    He uses Your blogs and columns to provide comfort to me, and I’m sure to many others. Sometimes the exchanges in the Comments section provide great help as well.
    Please be encouraged as you keep up your ministry.

    • Hi, Stephen. Thank you again for stopping by and your kind words. I especially appreciate your leaving a comment sharing your struggles.
      Does it help to remember that the devil is so bent on wrecking your faith that he will stoop to any level to convince you that Jesus’ death and resurrection didn’t mean a thing?
      The father of lies is deceitful, Stephen. Don’t let his lies cause you one bit of anxiety about your eternity.
      If you have received Jesus death and resurrection as payment for your sins and have declared Him as your Savior and Lord, then your eternity with Him is secure.
      Don’t give up. Continue to draw near to your Savior! He is trustworthy to handle every one of your concerns and struggles.
      Please stop by again – I so appreciate your candid sharing.

      • Thank you for your encouragement and reminder that while the evil one uses any lie that might make us doubt our wonderful Savior, the power of our Lord Jesus will protect us from every attack. Jesus gave Himself to die in my place and bear God’s wrath for all of my sins against Him. This is a demonstration of love that exceeds anything that earthly minds can fully grasp. It is a love that can only come from heaven.
        It helped just to write that out, contemplate it, take it to Jesus in prayer.
        Again, thank you for your ministry. The power of God can take us through every struggle that we must go through.

        I continue to look to what I can fully understthat is more than n irrefutable demonstration of a love that far exceeds our ability to comprehend. rthe sins that death for us and His resurrection f. the words of truth

  4. VERY well said, Stephen! Don’t forget, Satan speaks into our thoughts using the first person:
    “I’m not going to heaven” rather than using the third person: “You’re not going to heaven.”
    Which makes it easy to confuse where those thoughts are coming from.
    Stay in the Word (as apparently, you’re doing), put on CDs that edify (worship or hymns, etc.) and never give up on believing Jesus is everything He says He is.

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