What if We’re Never Promoted or Discovered? — 4 Comments

    • Thank you, Barbara.
      Writing this post actually helped me to gain a better perspective AND to re-adjust my motives.
      Appreciate your stopping by again, Barbara.

  1. It helps me. I went back to college as an adult. My original goal was to get a Bachelor of Music in piano performance. I got to a certain point and was told I was not good enough. I still felt like I was, and I felt cheated. Then I changed my focus, with the goal of getting a B.A. and then an M.A. in music and teaching at the community college level. Things happened, and I never finished my master’s degree. I was disappointed.

    At some point, I had to let go of the disappointment and anger. I accepted that this was just not God’s plan for me. Things work out according to God’s plan. We usually can’t see what the plan is — I can’t, anyway — but when the road takes me places I wasn’t expecting, I figure I’m where I’m supposed to be, following God’s plan.

    • On a personal note: I have such fond memories of your playing the piano when we both were young children. I envied your talent!
      Through all these years of not seeing or hearing from you, your dedication still motivated me in several ways.

      Now to your point: I’m glad having a different perspective has helped you overcome disappointment and anger, Phyllis. I am working on re-adjusting my motives and perspective regarding my hopes and dreams. Writing this post actually has helped me. 😉

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