Returning to that Good Place — 6 Comments

    • God is so awesome! Bert and I aren’t nearly as awesome … with each other. 😉
      However, we are awed by what He continues to do in our marriage!
      Thank you, Barbara, for stopping by. I’ve been missing you.

      • I am not receiving notifications. I don’t know how to change it so I receive email notifications. I will have to get expert help on this.

  1. Sheryl, I read this yesterday and really liked what you had to say about returning to that good place in your marriage. I was going to write a comment on your blog yesterday, but I got very emotional and couldn’t do it. My husband and I have terrible arguments sometimes and I feel so lost and depressed afterwards. I told him about what you wrote, and he agreed that praying together would be a good thing when devil tries to pull us apart.

    I find your writing so inspirational, Sheryl. *HUGS*

    • I am SO glad God is giving you hope for your marriage, especially during those storms. Phyllis, don’t let the devil convince you that you are alone in this. You’re not. And God can help you and your husband have fewer terrible arguments as you learn to lean on Him and recognize who your real enemy is.
      Please keep in touch. And thank you very much for sharing. I hope your (and my) willingness to be transparent will help others.

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