Why I Love You, My King — 4 Comments

  1. I remember your trial and how God gave you that miracle you so longed for. Your trial turned into an answered prayer. Sometimes trials are like that, God answering our prayers. When we turn to God (like you did) and let patience have her perfect work so that we can be complete and whole lacking nothing, we find our miracle. Your miracle was such an inspiration to me.

    • Barbara, you were such an encouraging friend when I needed one during that very emotional time. Thank you!
      I am glad you also got to witness God’s compassion and faithfulness!!!

  2. There’s so much I could say about this post…. How precious, how comforting, how wonderful that our God cares to use such simple things to show us His love in such powerful ways!

    I remember one time not all that long ago that I was feeling particularly beaten down by life. A new friend had given me a whole big pile of lovely clothing from her own closet. As I sat alone on the floor in my bedroom and peeked into the first sack, I just slumped down, overwhelmed, thinking, “I am not worthy to be clothed in such beautiful, nice clothes!”

    I pray I never forget the voice I heard, so strong and clear it was almost audible, saying unmistakably: “I. Love. You.” And all I could do was cry in gratitude to my Father Who cares.

    In little things.

    • I LOVE your story, Sheila! And I love your heart for God!!
      Praise God for His incomprehendable love. (I hope that’s a word.) Where would we be without it … without Him!!

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