What if We Redeem One Hour? — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Sheryl for the great reminder and the motivation to use our time more productively. I know personally I do have a lot of time that could be spent more wisely.

    • Me, too, Barbara!! I have seen myself much more productive since writing this. I hope its message helps all of my fellow procrastinators and those who just need a little help to “get moving.”
      Let us know how you’re doing with this — and when you need more encouragement and/or prayer about this, okay?

  2. Great idea Sheryl. I find that when I have a large task ahead of me and I break it into smaller segments, I am more apt to get it accomplished. Cleaning my house is an example, I love the hour at a time idea rather than leaving it open ended. A deadline has always been a strong motivator for me. Thank you again for a very meaningful post.

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