Struggling to meditate on God’s Word? — 10 Comments

  1. Sheryl I’ve sat here reading and rereading this writing. Tears streaming down my face my heart scrambled but filling Hope and not as alone. As I read this I keep thinking many things. 1) How does she write my thoughts. Feels exactly how I been feeling thinking coping. 2) I struggle to mediate understand. Find meaning in that scripture. And yes to hold on to His love Mercy and peace. I know God loves me an always will. 3) Even though I know Im not alone mist of the time I feel so alone and lost in my mind and thoughts fears and feeling. Reading this gives me hope strength understanding and yes love. I feel His love through His use of you writing this.As I first read this tears of pain fear lost were pouring down my face. As I finished reading thinking and writung from my heart I feel hope determination love an finally alittle peace. I’m not alone. Thank you Sheryl. Thank you Jesus.Loving me and everyone. GBU

    • Sorry for rambling on. My hearts just overflowing with so many emotions good and negative. But Im clinging to these scriptures today. Staying positive. I’ve never felt Blessed until today. Reading this feeling the love warm and truth in it from Jesus. Through sheryls heart and writing. What a blessed tool He has in you.

    • I am humbled by your email, Kati, because of what God is doing: He allows me to write a post that ministers to you (and hopefully others) while letting me put my name on it – when I know FULL well that it is His Holy Spirit guiding my writing.
      That is why I can write anything at all. And that it ministers to people, brings tears to my eyes.
      Also, it is because I have been (in many ways) right where you are, Kati. YES, let that give you hope that the same God Who brought be out of my depression and anxiety is the very same God Who is bringing you out of yours!
      Continue spending time in God’s Word, praying to Him – telling Him exactly how you feel, and praising Him for Who He is.
      And continue staying in touch with me – and those who visit Today Can Be Different.
      By the way, it always encourages me when you take the time to leave a comment on the blog and on Facebook. Thank you for that, Kati.

      • Sheryl thanks. Yes being able to read you blogs allows me to read and reread helping me to understand more each time I read it. And it helps me to have peace hope that Im not alone not the only one going through this.I feel closer to Jesus through your writings and talks we have shared. I feel the Holy Spirit around you so yes as you say He’s guiding your writing and Im blessed He is. For without Him Im nothing. And most days my raging negative mind tells me I’m nothing. Thanks to your writings it slows my mind down an helps me to focus an regroup. Thanks for all you share an write. GBU

    • Thank you Sheryl. I always feel like what I have to say isn’t worth listening to for most people. After being told that for many years. I guess a pattern I need to ask God to help me stop or change. So if I do share thoughts or my heart my mind goes right to they don’t want my rambling.Thanks for accepting as I am broken searching. But thanks to Jesus I’m born anew in Him.

  2. These are great comments in this wonderful post. Learning to make my thoughts line up to God’s word has been one of the most important things I have done in my Christian walk. Our minds are the battlefield. Jesus came to set the captives free. The truth sets us free.

    • Indeed! And where would we be if we didn’t have God’s truth? Awful thought, isn’t it?
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving another great comment, Barbara!

  3. Kati, it seems the “reply allowance” is limited for each thread. So I’m starting a new thread here.
    I’m thankful you’re still hanging in there!

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