A prayer for unity in the church — 6 Comments

  1. Amen! We in the US who profess to be the church do not even know people at church outside our little click! We welcome them in the building but not our life. We are not a family.

  2. Yes Father reach deep in to our hearts help us to open our eyes and heart and convict us showing us those around us drawing them to you building your Church not ours. Convict us not to judge others but to love them in You. Soften our hearts so that we as sinners look at others both in their need for You but also as each of us are in need of fellowship an a helping hand in You. If we searched and stepped up for others in You as we do daily for things we want an need in our own life I believe we would be stronger in our personal life and walk in Christ as well as others coming home to the Father. With healthy conviction love an no judging life would Heaven bound. We should accept others as we want them to us. Thanks so much for sharing this Sheryl. Its full of blessing an inspiration and deep thought both personally and as a body of Christ.

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