Are you dreading another candle on your birthday cake? — 12 Comments

  1. Yes, you do have a birthday approaching. I actually have been preparing a box for you. Hoping that excites the child within you. It does me. 🙂

    I can certainly relate to the getting older and losing abilities and dreams. But then I read about Moses and he was 80 when God used him to set his people free. Moses knew God called him and set him apart when he was a young man. He tried to run out and fight for his people then, but he wasn’t in God’s timing.

    After humbling shepherding a flock, God called him in the field to fulfill his plans for his life. God had equipped him fully for this task. He was humble and knew that he could not do what God was asking In his own strength.

    I pray God is preparing me for truly loving others and ministering to others in love and mercy and truth for my last days. He is teaching me that I can do nothing without him and he will receive nothing without him. Waiting on God is difficult. Humility is painful but the fruit it bears is sweet.

    That is a great scripture to focus on. Thank you for the exhortation. It can be quite difficult to face aging.

    • Thank you for your wonderful comment: !) that you’re sending me a birthday surprise! And YES that does excite the child in me!! Most definitely.
      And 2) for your reminder of how God used Moses even in his old age! Praise God that He has a purpose for us which continues … and continues!

    • Hi, Susan.I’m glad you’re working hard at making yourself healthy!! You likely appreciate the meaning of the post better than some of us.
      And thank you SO much for stopping by!

  2. Just what you said, Sheryl, every time someone comments negatively about how old they are getting, I always say that every white hair I have is God’s will for me to have lived that long! (Proverbs 16:31) Barbara reminded me of a church sister who recently lost her life to cancer, but she courageously gave her life to God’s will daily to the very end. Along with Susan Stotler, I am doing my best to eat healthier and exercise daily. You’d be surprised to know how too much sodium is found in even Chik-fil-A sandwiches!

  3. Hello, FellowBeliever! It’s so nice to hear from you again. I get what you’re saying – and it’s a good reminder for me to appreciate the privilege of growing old enough to be getting more (and more!) gray hair. 😉

  4. Happy late Birthday dear one. Your post was right on target.I will be 74 and all time is his, past,present and future. I am more and more aware God wants me all the time. I draw closer in the quiet and reflect that my life is Jesus from beginning to end. May I be found pleasing in his sight.

  5. My ‘therapy’ at least for now is to blog about personal finance issues and getting older as a hobby. I started 4 months ago. I was never on ANY social media until now. I detested the media but I believe it is a way to stay connected with ppl if you can’t get out. However, I am fit and able more or less. Social media should not be a ‘substitute for ‘real’ human connections if you can help it.

    Love you uplifting writing.

  6. Thank you, Trippe. Sorry for taking so long to respond. We’ve experienced power outages – and still dealing with Internet outages. I had to come to my husband’s office to respond to you!
    Please take care – and as you know – stay connected face-to-face as much as you can. However, please stop by Today Can Be Different any time!

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