Are your hasty decisions working for you? — 8 Comments

  1. This is so true. Another error that goes with this is uttering a quick “prayer” and then doing what you want “in the flesh” and saying “I prayed about this.”

  2. I believe in our world today. We make far too many hasty decisions because we wanna impress someone or others pressure for any answer now. Alot of time we rush to get it done rather then waiting to think it through. If we waited and prayed over it first. We’d most likely make a whole lot less decisions we regret. However knowing God knows all and believing in Him. We should live and walk in our faith. We should make our decsions knowing Gods got it and us. Most of us say we know Gods got us but being human we rush to impress make snap decisions. Usually snap decisions are the worst and most regretted. I try to pray over decisions and not make harsh decisions because it gets me in trouble more then not. But we all slip an do it. I pray God helps me to make hasty choices less.

  3. In the year and a half that I have been a widow I have found myself often paralyzed with fear. And more frequently than I want to admit I make major decisions that I later feel we’re ill-advised and hasty. Why? I don’t trust my own ability to know when God is leading or to hear His voice. With no one that I am close to with whom to talk things through I seem to simply be incapable of knowing what God wants me to do.

    • “Deaf and dumb” … even your pseudonym speaks volumes …
      Thank you for sharing your honest and painful struggle. When I read your comment, my heart ached for you. And for all those in your shoes – including anyone who doesn’t have someone “close to whom to talk things through.” But especially to all who once did – but no longer have his or her loved one to consult with.

      I can hardly imagine how paralyzing your fear must be: always wondering if you’re making the right decisions – always praying for reassurance that you’re actually hearing His voice.

      Grief alone is devastating. Missing your husband and adjusting to your new (lonely) reality is beyond difficult.

      I wish I could reach through my laptop screen and share a cup of tea with you; talk and talk and talk with you (or if you’d rather, let you talk and talk and talk to me); pray with you. And give you a really big – and a really long – hug!

      Thankfully, I can pray for you. And I will.
      Please keep in touch.

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