Bearing with one another longer than five seconds — 7 Comments

  1. I had another favorite line until I read this one “What if we made a decision to cover one another with love?” I love it! I’m learning to focus on this more, or God has brought me to the place where I finally recognize I have no room to blame. I am forgiven as I forgive others. I still fail miserably, but at least now I am aware that it is only Christ in me who ever succeeds in love.

    • Indeed and indeed, Barbara! Thank you for another great comment – and for stopping by.
      (And thank you for sharing this post on your FB page. It always means a lot to me.)

  2. Mississippi is going to be a very bearing state! How? I will start off by bearing with one another for six Mississippis, then the next day for seven Mississippis, and so on. (Okay, that was corny!) Hey, Barbara, I like your humble and overcoming last sentence: I still fail miserably, but at least now I am aware that it is only Christ in me whoever succeeds in love.

    • Corny, indeed, FellowBeliever! But funny, still.
      I also got a lot out of Barbara’s comment – and from yours of course! 😉
      Thank you both for taking the time to share on Today Can Be Different.

  3. I have been giving this very thing alot of thought lately watching the grandchildren speak to each other pointing out the others flaws and have been working with them on being kind to each other and build each other up not down.and love one another and protect each other I can only try to teach them with love and by example

    • Indeed, Margaret. People are observing our behavior – including our children and grandchildren!
      Thanks again for stopping by and leaving another great comment, Margaret.

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