Do our performance-driven attitudes wreck our witness? — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you Sheryl. I am not performance driven but suffer from very low self esteem. I have difficulty with the success of others as I wish it were my success instead.

    • Hi, Marla. Your comment takes me by surprise because when I knew you in high school, I envied your confidence! Isn’t it so typical of the enemy to lie to us – tricking us to see ourselves the way he (the devil) wants us to see ourselves?
      Please take captive every thought that contributes to your low self-esteem – and make those thoughts align to how God sees (and likely how most people around you) see you. And remember YOU can do ALL things with the strength God provides. AND that He will equip you to do ALL He has planned for you to accomplish.
      I want to add – you are such an encourager to me, Marla. Your consistent compliments and supportive comments on my blog has encouraged me so MANY times.

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