Finding healing and wholeness after repentance — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I’m one of the broken ones. I’ve tried several times to reach out to the ones I’ve hurt but some aren’t receiving it as I’d like. Please pray with me.

    • Hi, Janice. I am sorry you’ve gone through such a rough time – but I greatly rejoice you have the wisdom AND the desire to repair relationships due to your choices. I will indeed pray with you! I will pray for God to give you discernment as to how to reach out to those you want to make amends and for God to soften their hearts so that they will receive it.
      Thank you for dropping by Today Can Be Different. Keep in touch!

  2. It is good that you tried Janice. I agree with Sheryl’s prayer and I will pray for you also. Sometimes we just need to leave it in God’s hands after we have done all we can. I will pray for your healing and for those you are interceding for to be healed also.

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