Help us to know You, Lord — 4 Comments

    • You are so welcome. Praise God for a God Who wants us to get to know Him, right, Stephen?
      Your visits to the blog and comments are so appreciated, Stephen. I hope you’re doing all right.

  1. It is my desire to know God more intimately. To love him as we are commanded to love him and to love those we can see and know personally. I fall so short of this and it is so discouraging at times, but I keep getting back up again. I am thankful that God is merciful and he wants us to continue to go to him to receive his mercies.

    • Me, too, Barbara! Thank you for sharing this. I hope its message will encourage all of us to ask God to help us to know Him. (Even as I wrote the article, God used the message for me!) 😉

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