How resentment affects us — 8 Comments

  1. How has resentment affected your outlook on life?
    How has resentment affected your opinion of others?

    I make every effort not to look at what others are doing. I have taught myself it is none of my business. Well, my stepfather taught me it was none of my business what my siblings were doing when I pointed out the unfairness of the chores. I actually appreciate that lesson. Because this is a dangerous trap to fall into. Not that I am still not tempted at times to notice or react to unfairness, but when I am tempted I try to remember my Father is looking and it is Him I want to please. He is pleased when we don’t exalt self. Jesus would have just done the work without complaining or letting everyone know how much he did. God is our reward. It is easier to wait on our reward from our Father when we know he is faithful and will do what he says.

  2. Okay, you know the saying “Easier said than done!” To completely shift our mindset? Yes, absolutely! I rejoice always (well, I try), pray constantly, and give thanks in all circumstances. This is God’s will as we shift from resentment to contentment!

    • So true! Albeit, much easier said than done! 😉
      Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment, FellowBeliever. I always love it when you do.

  3. I’ve been on my face crying out to God for week,months now. That He’d take this from me. To teach me to look more to Him and leave others to themself. Aka Him. My heart is in many pieces at the moment and leaking of resentment for things done by mysrlfas well as others. I pray some light is shed on several issues soon. God knows all and knows whats coming forth due to the resentment. What a loss pain and sin can be. Sorry ramblinng again. Thanks for writhing this and being a vessel for Christ.

    • Oh, Kati. I have been aware of your suffering … and your heartfelt desire to respond in a Christlike way. PLEASE remember that you are not alone. God’s grace is very near you, closer than your pain. AND you have many friends who love you and are praying for you.

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