It’s Just Plain Rude to Be Rude — 12 Comments

  1. Many years ago God used an accidental recording of me talking to my young daughter in a very abrupt and rude manner to bring this failing to my attention. I was shocked at how abrasive I sounded. I still call this to mind when I catch myself falling into rudeness. Thank you for this reminder. All of us can afford to be kind -and the whole world is thirsting for a cup of kindness.

    • Hi, Paula. It’s so nice to see you again! THANK you, once again, for your candor. I love your last sentence: All of us can afford to be kind -and the whole world is thirsting for a cup of kindness.
      I’m glad you stopped by and hope you’ll do it again often.

    • Thank you for sharing Paula. We should all be so fortunate to recognize our unloving behavior. It is good that you were so teachable and your conscience convicted you. I pray you and your daughter were able to find healing and grow closer together. Parents often times don’t recognize the importance of being kind to their children. Above all we need to treat our children with respect.

      • Hi, Linda! I believe this is your first time dropping by Today Can Be Different. It’s SO nice to see you. (I also appreciate your faithful comments on these devotions posted on Facebook.)
        Your comment indicates the pain you must be experiencing in your marriage, Linda. I’m so sorry. I will continue to pray for you.

  2. Such an important reminder Sheryl. Thanks. This is one area it seems so easy to fall back on. We tend to react to other peoples moods at times. But when we’re in the right frame of mind and purposeful in our walk it’s easier to respond graciously to rude behavior. Especially when we remember that the root of anger is hurt. We can make such a difference when we respond graciously. And we feel so much better about ourselves.

  3. Haha, Barbara. That is such an honest – and a bit humorous (in a way) – observation. Thank you!
    Also, I want to thank you, thank you, thank you for also responding to another person’s (Paula) comment. It is my hope that we’ll see more interactions on Today Can Be Different.

  4. We do need to remember to always be kind and gentle. We live in such a harsh and shocking world. What a testimony if christians really conducted themselves this way. Myself included.

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