Must we always get our way? — 6 Comments

  1. Well, that was probably me trying to do a last minute merge. I feel guilty and don’t blame those who won’t let me in, though I’m praying someone does. Someone always does. It melts my heart. I try to be that person who let’s others in though they don’t deserve it, but I seem to easily forget the grace I was shown. I know (or believe) I have a good excuse, but often times I think I am being used by the late mergers. That is a dilemma. If there weren’t so many of them it would be easier. I am fortunate that I have made so many major blunders and been shown kindness (undeserved) that I most often remember the mercy I was shown.

    But this is such an important exhortation Sheryl, thank you. Maybe one day I will get it and not put others in a position to get angry. That too is sin.

    Pray the competition prospers? I’m not there yet. 🙂

    • Great comment, Barbara! And by the way, praying for those I’m competing against isn’t always easy for me, either. But whenever I do pray for them – an amazing thing happens. I feel less greedy. Less cut-throat. Does that make sense?

  2. Yield my agenda and rights? What? No way, this is America! Oh, to His purposes. God does work in mysterious ways and sometimes lets us see what good comes out of our obedience!

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