Raising children who pray for our military — 6 Comments

  1. My husband served over 25 years in the military. He served two years in the Navy during Vietnam and then he joined the Army for 23 and a half years. Many times I heard him say he would go back in an instant but health problems prevented that. I lost my husband to Pancreatic cancer and heart disease 16 months ago. I miss him every day but I know we will see one another again one day when God calls me home. Our children and grandchildren know to pray daily for those that have served and those still serving. We all pray for the leadership of our country. I hope other families understand the importance of praying for peace in our country and the world. I am thankful God blessed me with the knowledge of prayer and I pray many times every day.

    • Hello, Susan. Thank you for sharing. I (and so many others) are indebted to your husband’s service. And for yours as a military wife. You and your husband seemed to have raised your children well.
      I am very sorry for your loss. I know it must be painful.
      I appreciate your stopping by Today Can Be Different. I do hope you visit again – soon!

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