Struggling with eating disorders or other addictive behaviors as a Christ follower — 6 Comments

  1. It’s hard to own up to addictive behaviors. I’ve been told by psychologists that I have an addictive personality. Over-eating, binge eating, has always been a problem. I have been to Overeaters Anonymous at various times, where we were urged to admit our powerlessness and turn it over to a Power greater than ourselves. At those times in my life, I was feeling very far from God, so it didn’t do me much good.

    As always, God works in ways that both surprise me and yet do not surprise me. I had been thinking about this very thing lately, and then here was your blog, Sheryl. If I needed a sign that now is the time for me to spend time God, admitting my powerlessness over my food addiction and turning my will over to Him–well, what more concrete sign could there be than your words, your testimony?

    • Phyllis, I am thankful for your comment. It encourages me in so many ways – mostly, that He is using my struggles to help others (you!). And rest assured, dear friend, that one day, as you continue to trust Him, God will use you to help others with their struggle, too!
      Thank you for stopping by. AND please keep in touch! (I’ve missed hearing from you.)

  2. You know all these years dealing with eating disorders
    I never thought of it as a definite sin that we needed to over come. For many year I thought in my own mind food was my only friend. It wouldn’t hurt or abandon me. But after reading through your blogs I’m learning an growing to see how with Jesus I’m never alone and He is love. I failed an yes sinned through the eating behaviors but through Christ I shall one day over come.I’m thankful friends and counslor who sends me searching the word an working to change the sin. Ty for sharing helps alot.

    • I’m glad God is using my blog and others in your life to find help in God’s Word and in His presence, Kati. And I agree with you that one day you will overcome. I look forward to celebrating with you – and pray it will be soon!

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