The first step to overcome procrastination — 6 Comments

  1. Great article. Even though I don’t struggle with this certain issue. There’s plenty of others I do struggle with that I’ll think again about your writings and use your points an suggestions to apply to my struggles so I can give it to Gid and over come through leaving it with Him. Thanks for sharing and being so open an vulnerable. GBU

  2. I struggle with this all the time. Before I go to sleep at night, I plan my next day, but when the next day comes, I seem to have so many distractions and I never get done what I planned. I need to change but I’ll need help.

    • Hello, Charlee. Welcome to Today Can Be Different.
      I all too well understand how distractions can hinder productivity. Perhaps we can offer each other encouragement and accountability. (I hope reading my other articles on this topic will be of help to you, as well.)
      Stay in touch! And thank you for dropping by.

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