When you’re ready to take that step to know God — 6 Comments

  1. Marlene sounds like a wonderful person. I have had a few people in my life like that too. In fact, you have been one of those people in my life. Thanks Sheryl.

    • What a nice thing to say, Barbara. Thank you. You have always been so supportive.
      And, yes, Marlene, made a huge impression on me. I wish I could get in touch with her. I’d love to tell her how much I appreciate her modeling a close walk with Jesus.

  2. Thank you God for being in NY life!You know the stuggles hubby and I are dealing with our daughter’s , because of the choices they have made in their adult lives! Please continue to guide us as their sherpards to bring them back to you!
    Also God help me to get the log out of my eye so I can help get the soeck out of their eye! In Jesus name I ask thou will be done!

    • Hello, Sun Stotler. I join you in praying for your daughters! AND for God to help me get the log out of my own eye, too!!
      Praise God for His mercy, power and wisdom!
      (Thank you so much for stopping by. Please do so again.)

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