Are You Sinking Into Depression? — 6 Comments

  1. So true Sheryl. We go through trials and discover God is with us and delivers us from them all. That is how we can offer comfort to others who are going through deep struggles.

    • Amen. Thank you, Barbara.
      Sometimes it’s a journey (most of the time, a LONG journey) until we’re finally able to see God’s faithfulness as we struggle with anxiety and depression.

      • Oh that is definitely true Sheryl. I guess I made it sound like a quick and easy journey when it is everything but that. In the beginning there are lots of trips and falls and hopefully someone comes along and helps us get back up again but often, even that seems to take years. Or maybe they were there but I didn’t receive their help due to lack of faith? I just know it gets easier over the years.

  2. Barbara, I’ve often wondered why my “journey” took so long. Sometimes I can’t figure God out. 😉
    Though to be totally honest, I do believe that it wasn’t until I was fully surrendered to Him and His Word – and when I finally took captive EVERY thought (and emotion) and made them obedient to Christ did I see and experience victory.

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