Discover Your Heavenly Father’s Love For You — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for addressing what is, for me, a most difficult topic. I blow it all the time and hide from God because I feel I am not worthy of His love and grace. However, I must remember the Christ thinks I am worthy because He died for me and others – and love and grace are not earned, but given regardless of one’s acts and mistakes.

    • WELL said, Robert. You captured how many of us struggle with hiding from God – when we need to draw near to Him the most.
      Thank you for reminding us of the true meaning of God’s grace and love when we sin.

  2. Iam so thankful for our Heavenly Father. Especially now that my Daddy has gone home to be with God. I am thankful God does not give up on me and, I am thankful that I am walking closer to him and that even when things are not always easy. I am thankful He is carrying me through the challenges right now.

    • Amen!! I’m thankful also for my heavenly Father’s faithfulness, Susan.
      AND I’m thankful His faithfulness is real for you at this time!

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