My husband gave me 30 days — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks for such an inspirational story. A true needed blessing.I would like to know your opinion on if you believe God blesses every marriage? And how should one deal with others negativity towards ones marriage? Ty for your time and response.

    • Kati, I don’t know if God blesses every marriage because some may marry out of His will. However, I do believe that God will help anyone who asks Him for help to be a better spouse.
      I’m not sure if I understand your second question. Are you asking how do we handle it when a person isn’t supportive of our marriage and speaks negatively about it?

      • Thank you. How can a marriage in love between two in God be outside His will?. Well I guess yes I was asking how you I or any married persons to deal with conflict from others on or about their marriage? Again ty

      • Hi, Kati. It’s certainly tough dealing with people who speak negatively about your marriage or your spouse. It would take a great deal of prayer and Bible reading for me to get through that, for sure. Only God’s love, grace, and mercy can get anyone through that.
        As you grow in the knowledge of how much God loves you, Kati, you will be able to love others more. The same with grace and mercy, etc. The more we experience God’s grace and mercy for ourselves (especially when we don’t deserve it), the more we can extend those attributes to others. But it’s not easy, I know.
        And when I feel attacked, I have to spend LOTS of time meditating on Bible verses. Years ago, when I was facing some criticism, meditating on verses was a tremendous help to me. Through the Psalms, Epistles and Proverbs, etc., I was able to gain a Christlike perspective – as I allowed His Word to transform my mind.
        Have you read the book Total Forgiveness by R T Kendall? It’s a wonderful book.

  2. I remember praying fervently for you during that time. I could not believe you were standing in faith. I could not believe you were standing at all. This was a true miracle that unfolded.

    • A true miracle, indeed! Praise God for all He continues to do. Thank you again, dear, dear friend, for your fervent prayers. You were among the very few I confided in during that time.

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