The Critical Season Before Easter — 18 Comments

  1. Let’s set our minds on the Spirit, which is life and peace! Thanks for once again helping us focus on things from above, Sheryl, and being so candid with us about your past to give us hope in what God can do to redeem our lives today! Let’s focus on the Lord especially during Lent and appreciate all He has done for us, and will do in our lives ahead! Thank you Jesus! ✝️

  2. It’s wonderful to be reminded about the things which are truly important.
    I plan on spending more time with Jesus and His Word.
    Have a wonderful day and let’s continue to praise our Savior.

    • Spending more time with Jesus and His Word ~ and continuing to praise our Savor ~ is a great plan, Sandra!
      Keep us posted on how you’re doing with your plan if you care to, that is. 🙂

  3. I pray that I am walking closer to God. I have gone through a lot of changes the past year and a half. I am slowly seeing how God is growing me in the changes. Even thoughI cannot see the final results. Through daily quiet time i am growing closer to him.

    • I relate to your comment so much, Susan. I have been going through a very challenging season for a few years. Thankfully (as you, Susan), I am seeing how “God is growing me” through this!
      Let’s continue to pray for each other, dear sister!

  4. Thank you for this reminder to be more intentional about focusing on Jesus during Lent. I have done that more in the past when I had a wonderful 40 day devotional book for Lent and at another time I did a Bible study workbook about the blood of Christ. I am now involved in an online Bible study and a separate church Bible study so I don’t have as much time to do other personal studies But what I am doing is trying to be more intentional in telling others about Jesus or praying with them whenever and wherever as needs are observed.

  5. Interesting timing on the article. Just this week the family was talking about how people do not seem to prepare for Easter anymore. This is not me, but a millennial reminiscing about how when she was a child, before Easter people would go out and buy a new hat or dress for Easter Sunday. I am not advocating that this is something necessary or recommended, but it was one way people used to focus on newness, rebirth, dedication, and anticipation. It was a way to show to others the freshness of a new start. Perhaps we can find a way too to show the same that might be no cost or less materialistic, but express our outward enthusiasm for the Easter season.

    • Indeed. I have fond memories of shopping for a new dress and shoes the week before Easter as a child. Yet, my most fondest memories are those of preparing my heart for Easter with fellow Christ followers! At a church in Baton Rouge, Victory Harvest, we would fast and gather nightly to pray. It was life-changing!
      Thank you, Robert. It’s always nice to see you at Today Can Be Different.

  6. I also remember shopping for a new outfit and shoes. It was a very special time to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.
    Things have drastically changed over the years.

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