Working With Purpose – In Honor Of Labor Day — 10 Comments

  1. This is strange and it’s like I have 2 sides. I’m still working part time and when it comes to preparing a lesson or correcting papers I never put it off. Oh, but when it comes to housework or putting things in order is a different story. I often procrastinate. I only do it out of necessity. Putting laundry away is another minus for me. Try as I may, I fail terribly.

    • Lol!! I SO identify with what you’re saying, Sandra. Haha.
      Hopefully, the more we meditate on this week’s verse, the better we’ll get at tending to the tasks we tend to put off in a more timely manner!

  2. I love all your writing a publishing the word of God. Have been sharing all you write with others from the Appalach paper. Thanks for the encouraging words.

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