Another birthday, another year to proclaim God’s power — 6 Comments

    • Thank you, Teri, one of my very favorite sisters! You, Karen and Kathy made my birthday the best one ever! Thank you for the surprise sister birthday party. The love you all showed me still makes me smile.
      I love you deeply.

  1. Happy birthday, Sheryl! Long ago, someone once told me, “Fear of old age is the false assumption that God will let you live that long!” So I have often prayed, “God, give me all the gray hair you want me to have!” So far He has started answering my prayer. I need not be afraid!

  2. I love this! Yes, the signs of old age are not pretty ones but one can only go so far to cover them up. Mine stop at coloring my hair! What I can’t fix, I cover up! I think you are just beautiful!

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