When you’re falsely accused — 8 Comments

  1. Wow! I know it’s the Holy Spirit, but it’s like you speaking DIRECTLY to me only! Thanks, Sheryl, for sharing the words I needed to hear to grow and become more stable.

    • Hi, FellowBeliever. It always amazes me how God will use His people to encourage one another. AND I LOVE IT every time He does it!
      I’m glad my devotion ministers to you, FellowBeliever. I know God will continue to do His work in – and through – you.

  2. Well cousin thank you for that. You are so well-spoken and always rounded with complete balance. I really enjoy your blogs and this one is especially special to me. As I struggle to feel love all the time and this is going to truly help me in my recovery and my new path. I have a lot of healing to do from hurtful and angry situation and or events hear it so thank you sweet cousin I am truly blessed because you’re my cousin I love you

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