Does Your Past Hinder Your Future? — 10 Comments

  1. “But, what if we asked God what His goal is for us today?”
    Great suggestion Sheryl! I will do just that right now.

  2. May God re-direct me,may He help me to forget my past,the betrayal,rejection and every hurt I have gone through.God help me to strive forward to my new heights.

  3. We are all here to learn lessons but the big problem is taht so often we do not look to Jesus as the Master Teacher. We make look to our parents, siblings, relatives, co workers and even our neighbors. But if we really lean onto Christ-it is He who will deliver us.

  4. If our past has not included Jesus…
    If our present has not included Jesus…
    Then, what is your answer going to it should be a “no-brainer” and you know the Lord gave you a brain-
    Your future must include Jesus and you must surrender to Him because He does love you.
    It is not that hard. Just ask Him to come into your life because He wants to. You can and you must. Because a future without Him is no future at all. Amen.

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