Father, Teach Us How To Love — 6 Comments

  1. This can be a tough one especially right now.I have been challenged to read my Bible through this year. Which I am doing and,in my prayer time I am asking God to help me see others through his eyes. I am so tired of the I Me attitude of the world. Lord help us get the log out of our own eyes. Before getting the speck out of our brother or sister’s eyes.

  2. This is a thought provoking post that calls for self examination. I try to exhibit love and not be a noisy gong. Most of thef time I am in alignment with God, but sonetimes I fail.This post is an excellent reminder to be prepared to think ahead about possible gong moments.

    • Love your wording, Janice! We can pray for each other to avoid making those rude and annoying “gong moments!”
      It’s so nice to see you at Today Can Be Different again.
      And I look forward to seeing more of your haikus on Facebook!

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