God Can Save Your Marriage, More Than You Can Imagine, part 3 — 4 Comments

  1. Thank God! It still brings me chills to remember that horrible time when I thought it was over for you and Bert’s marriage. I truly witnessed God doing a miraculous work. Sometimes it looks like we are losing everything but God is just clearing out the dross and bringing our prayers to fruition. And now you have a wonderful testimony about God answering your prayer.

    • Indeed! It was a horribly sad time. I will never forget your prayers and support during that time, dear friend. Thank you. I’m glad you got to be part of the miracle God performed.

  2. I didn’t make verse cards to meditate on, but our pastor said a prayer at church last weekend that really touched me. I made a bunch of cards with this prayer on it, put them all around the house, in my purse, taped to my computer, pinned to my bulletin board. I gave my husband a copy, too. Here it is:

    Let nothing disturb you.
    Let nothing dismay you.
    All things pass.
    God never changes.
    Patience attains all that it strives for.
    He or she who has God, lacks for nothing.
    God alone suffices.

    My husband was also very touched by the pastor’s sermon, which was intended for those who were depressed and hurting due to Hurricane Matthew, but had much broader application to anyone who was depressed or hurting. After church that day, my husband said to me that he was going to work on his behavior, because he didn’t want to lose me. I was skeptical, but we have prayed that prayer together in the morning and in the evening (along with our other prayers), and I have prayed it more times than I can count. And things are getting better.

    A small part of me is still waiting for an explosion of some sort, but the larger part of me is saying, “Thank you, God. Please be with us, and forgive my lack of faith in You.”

    Thank you for your wonderful articles, Sheryl, and for being my friend and for praying for me. It was no coincidence that your articles came when I needed them most. Thank you *HUGS*

    • Wow! I LOVE your comment on many levels:
      1) God’s mighty love for you, your husband
      2) God’s timing in your Pastor’s wonderful message
      3) Your and your husband’s praying together and working on your marriage
      4) God’s timing in allowing Bert’s and my story being shared
      5) Your sweet friendship

      Don’t give up. Stay in touch. I love you, Phyllis – but nearly as much as God does. And thankfully, not as much as your husband! 😉

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