Is It Time To Have A Conversation With God? — 14 Comments

  1. Sheryl, thank you for yet another exceptionally strong blog message in which you suggest: “Let’s ask God to give us a greater appreciation for His love and a healthier respect for His Word. Let’s invite Him to renew a right spirit within us, especially if we’re already developing a seared conscience. And most importantly, let’s give Him permission to reveal the lies we tell ourselves when we justify our actions.” Whew! May we keep our conversations with God frequent and lean into Him for his forever love and forgiveness. Amen! ❤ (Honored to share on our A Women’s Fellowship/Ministry community page outreach and on my Timeline.]

    • Amen!! Indeed, may we have these conversations with God often!! Thank you, Joyce, for yet another great comment. AND thank you for honoring me by sharing my devotion on A Women’s Fellowship/Ministry community page outreach, as well as on your Facebook page. It means so much to me.

  2. This article is great, point on. If we are looking to correct others then we learned Christ with the wrong motive; we are the sinners that need to be saved daily even though we strive for completion, we are not completed until we are emptied of self.

    • Hello, Rhonda. Welcome to Today Can Be Different!
      I agree: we will never be complete until we’ve emptied ourselves of everything that is not of God.
      Thank you for stopping by, Rhonda. Please do so often!

  3. Sheryl, thank you so much for this article. It has really spoken to my heart. I appreciate how God us using you to remind us of to stop and talk to God about these things.

  4. Sheryl thank you for always pointing us back to our Heavenly Father! The Lord has given you a gift to encourage us in whatever season of life we are in right now. You always point me to the word of God and His great love for me!
    Thank you !

    • Hi, Sharon. Welcome to Today Can Be Different!
      Your comment encourages me so much. I appreciate the way the Holy Spirit works. Truth be told, God uses my writing to encourage me in my seasons of life! 🙂
      Thank you again for stopping by, Sharon. You’re always welcome here.

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