Mary had the kind of faith I envy — 10 Comments

  1. I want to say yes to God’s perfect plan for my life even though it may cause me humiliation and danger. God is able to keep me safe and walk me through His way. I pray I do God’s will and not my own will.

    • I’ve loved your heart for God for a while now, Barbara. I will continue to pray for you as you seek His direction in your life. (And thank you for sharing my post on Facebook.)

  2. “But what would happen if we trusted God? If we believed He could do whatever necessary to pave the way for His will to be done in our lives? Even if it seemed impossible. Even if it cost us everything.“
    That is the key Sheryl! We can trust God because his word is true. But we are weak in our faith at times. As God brings us through smaller trials we are able to trust him in bigger trials if we keep our focus on him and not our circumstances. Peter walked on the water when he looked at Jesus but when he turned to look at the storm he started to sink. But then he cried out to Jesus and Jesus caught him.

    • Hello, Janie. It’s nice to have you back again.
      I agree. When we trust Him with the smaller trials, our faith will be strengthened for the larger ones.
      It would be great if we would just remember that, wouldn’t it? 😉

  3. This is so true, Sheryl. I’m praying for my wonderful soldier grandson. He is unhappy that he has received orders to be deployed in his last year of commitment to service. I am asking God to help him submit to Divine plans forhis life, whatever they may be. I am so grateful for your faith and leadership mentoring, Sheryl! God is using you

    • Hello, Sharri. Please tell your grandson how much I appreciate his service and that I will pray for him. Tell him how much I admire him.
      I admire you, too, Sharri. Your courage and faith are enviable! (And thank you for the compliment and for stopping by Today Can Be Different.)

  4. Thank you for the insightful article. Yes, Mary’s devotion to the Lord is inspiring. She simply trusted and obeyed. I also marvel at how she didn’t complain that her son, whose kingdom would have no end, wasn’t born in a palace. Mary’s delivery was not pampered with servants, a comfortable bedroom, or a midwife. Even though the birth of her son, who she knew was given by God, lacked all the amenities we would expect when a king is born, she never got bitter, but she chose to trust and obey. What an inspiration for me to trust and obey the Lord, too.

    • Wow! How true. Mary’s trust in her heavenly Father was so exemplary in ways we’ve likely never thought of.
      Thank you for stopping by. I always love it when you do.

    • Praise God! I always love it (and am humbled) when God uses my writing, Melanie. Thank you for letting me know.
      AND thank you for stopping by Today Can Be Different!

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