Seek God With Your Family — 10 Comments

  1. <3 Sheryl, thank you for your exceptional blog message for today in which you encourage praying together as a family. I found your insightful words to be a significant reason for your excellent advice: “Praying together can ensure that every member of your household knows each other’s wants, needs and challenges. Petitioning God together can create a special closeness that many families today lack.” <3 I am both honored and blessed to share your message on my Timeline. <3

  2. I like this advice. Joint prayer is a form of open confession that humans are imperfect and need to practice forgiveness. It clears the air and allows us to live together in the present moment, starting fresh each day.

  3. Another wonderful message.
    I do praise the Lord each and every day.
    Unfortunately, some of us are married to unsaved spouses so praying individually is the only option.
    My heart aches that my husband is Greek Orthodox and thinks that that automatically makes him a Christian. It’s so sad how so many are lead astray by leaders of some churches.
    I’ll never stop praying and believing that the Lord can use me as an example of a faith based life.

    • Hello, dear Sandra. You’re right. I regret my devotion didn’t validate those married to unbelievers – or to believers who’d rather not pray with their spouses. Both scenarios are truly difficult, indeed.
      I’m encouraged by your last sentence, Sandra. May God bless you as you trust Him to use you (or anyone God sends in your husband’s path) toward your husband coming to saving faith!

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