What if Jesus said no? — 12 Comments

  1. Yes.we do have an awesome Savior but unfortunately, there are too many Christians who are not awesome. They love Jesus but chose not to act like Him. That is a huge difference and one that is profoundly sad. There are too many Christians who love to see you at church but deep down, they will never love you, ask about you or care what is going on your life. I know that the Savior wants to have a 24/7 relationship with me; it is He that wants to know about and he does-every aspect of my being. And I of Him. But I also want to be His disciple and emulate Him, as well.. When there are too many of His flock that have left His home, it is not just Him who needs to bring them back but we have to do so, as well. And there are too many Christians who simply do not care because they are concerned about their own lives and not about others unless you are one who thinks and acts like them. That does break our Saviors heart. We need to change this and we nee d to do it NOW. Not later or tomorrow but NOW. Amen.

    • Hello, Michael. I agree. Obedience is a requirement for true believers. Praise God for His mercy for the times we genuinely repent when we fail. Praise God for a Savior Who loved us so much that He said “Not My Will, but the Father’s.” (Paraphrased.)
      Thank you for stopping by, Michael.

      • Yes< i agree but there are also Christians who do things that they first have to realize are sinful and then repent. You cannot repent for a sin that you are totally unaware of or do not acknowledge is a sin.

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