An Idea for Your Next Bible Reading Time — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you, Sheryl, for sharing your excellent blog message with us! We like to use the “OODA loop” (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) is a four-step approach to reading and studying the Word more deeply. We ask who it was specifically written for; when and why was it written, so we can understand it more fully; how does God want me to apply it my life; and then, with His help, act on the verse so I am profited by reading it, praying the Holy Spirit will will guide us into all truth. Wonderfully encouraging post! Amen! xoxo

    • I am SO glad you shared the OODA loop method with us, Becky. Thank you!
      And thank you for sharing my devotion on your Facebook page, Becky! I always appreciate it when you do.

  2. Sheryl, thank you for your insightful message today. Using your suggestions we would learn to slow down and get deeper in God’s Word each time we read our Bibles. I agree with your words: “Depending on the verse or passage, practicing this could open our hearts as the Holy Spirit reveals areas in our lives where we need His intervention. It could absolutely change our quiet time, not to mention our day”. Amen! [I am both honored and blessed to share your message on my Timeline to further His kingdom to reach more hearts for God for His diving purpose and glory.]

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