Can We Experience Peace during Tough Times? — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you so much Cheryl for this wonderful article it reminds me when I was a child and that song that I sang as a very young child “ this little light of mine “

  2. Thank You Sheryl ,I will glorify God in all circumstances,I will teach my children too that despite what we go through God remains to be God.And He loves us.

  3. Great devotional Sheryl. You speak the truth. It reminds me of a tribute this man on my Facebook friends list posted on his page about his sister. It was such a moving tribute of the kind of person she was. She sounded like a truly wonderful Christian lady. I was sad I had never known her. I mean I was truly sad. He posted a picture of him and his two sisters and they even looked like godly people. I don’t know the man either or remember how we became Facebook friends but it made me wonder what people would say about me when I died, and at 67 years of age that’s probably not too far away. But I hope I was a light to at least some people. I especially hope I’m a light to my family because that’s the first people God gave me to minister too.

    • I agree.
      Lord, help us to be Your light to our family – and to all we encounter, including those on social media. Help us to represent You in all we say and do.
      Thank you for stopping by, Barbara. Lovely comment!

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