Create in America a Clean Heart, O God — 8 Comments

  1. Oh Sheryl, what beautiful thoughts. My heart is breaking for our dear country. How could we have fallen so far? What will things look like for our grandchildren? My fervent prayer that our faith and prayers can turn things around before it is too late.

  2. You are right Sheryl! If we truly and fervently prayed as a nation we would see great things from God! That is a beautiful thought to imagine God’s people fervently praying!

    • I agree. It is a beautiful thought to imagine God’s people fervently praying!! BEAUTIFUL thought, indeed.
      Thank you, Barbara. (And THANK you for sharing this devotion on your Facebook page.)

    • Hi, Susan. Thank you for your comment. I get what you’re saying. But surely you get my point: If we, as a nation – we, as (individual) Americans – … would repent and allow God to create in us a clean heart …
      Make sense?

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