Forgiving Those Who Willfully Hurt Us — 8 Comments

  1. This is so true Sheryl. We really need to take forgiveness seriously. It seems for me, it is even harder to forgive those who hurt the ones I love. But I have also hurt other’s loved ones. I find I am truly without excuse.

    Wow! This is so true!
    “Or that we’ve justified our self-righteous mindset for so long that we’ve become blind to our own offense?”

    Yes! And this is also the path to meekness. When we truly get honest and see our own sins, rather than the sins of others.
    “Let’s ask Him to help us remember the times He’s forgiven our reckless and willful sins against Him.“

    Thank you for the often needed reminder!

    • True. Even when we willfully hurt ourselves.
      Seriously sometimes our choices do cause us to self-destruct in various ways. I hope we will ask God to show us the seriousness of our situation … and His grace to change.
      (It’s nice to see you again, Carolos. Thank you for stopping by.)

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