God Can Save Your Marriage, More Than You Can Imagine, part 1 — 7 Comments

  1. Hi this is Tom. Sheila’s husband she works for you doing web design. As you well know we are going through a really ruff time right now. You blog is helping me to continue to study as I read about others having troubles in there marriages and always keeping the Lord first. Sheila has always keep the Lord first and as I have time away from my beautiful bride I have come to give my life totally over to thee Lord. The one thing I asked him was if it doesn’t work out between my wife and I help me to be faithful to you. I need prayer it’s a challenge ever day but I continue to pray and study and listen to his still small voice. Thank you for your blog and for taking time to read this.

    • Thank you, Tom, for your transparency. I am so very sorry for what has happened to your marriage with Sheila. It always saddens me to hear about how the enemy destroys any part of our lives, especially our marriages. In fact, it makes me angry.
      Please never give up on what God can do. I don’t know how your story will end … but I have learned to keep my eyes on Jesus to change ME. In other words, no matter if your marriage is saved or not (and I hope it will be!), keep pressing on to mature as a Christ-follower. That way, if the worst happens regarding your marriage, you will still come out of this painful trial a better person and a true representation of Christ.
      I will continue to pray for you, for Sheila – and for your marriage.
      Thank you for stopping by AND for commenting, Tom.
      I hope we’ll see you again.

  2. I remember this trying time quite well Sheryl. I hurt so deeply for you. I truly saw God work a miracle and I continue to be amazed by how God brought all that to pass.

    • Indeed it was a very trying (and amazing) time, Barbara. You were such a source of support during that painful time. Thank you for your prayers!

  3. I keep thinking God is telling me to leave, but I’m afraid. I don’t have sufficient trust, I guess. God forgive me.

  4. Phyllis, in case you or anyone else reading this might find this helpful…. It is okay to feel afraid. Sometimes that is our body’s way of warning us that something is not right. I want to assure you that it doesn’t make you less of a Christian. I saw your comment on the next post, too. I believe God will lead you. He will tell you where to go and when and how when the time is right. He will also lead you, one step at a time, in letting you know whether it needs to be a permanent or temporary separation and what to do next to work on your own self (not that abuse is EVER justified, please don’t take that wrong). He will lead you in the path of courage and inner peace. Do you have someone to talk to? There may be a local support group for women in abusive situations. There is also the National Domestic Violence Hotline. or 1-800-799-7233. I don’t know your situation exactly, but be aware that oftentimes reaching out for help can lead to further anger/abuse from your husband. That doesn’t mean don’t reach out. It does mean be aware, prayerful, and careful. Saying a prayer for you just now. <3

    • Thank you, Reaching Out, for reaching out to Phyllis.
      I hope your personal situation is resolving in a peaceful and God-honoring way. If that’s not happening yet, please stay in touch. It looks like you’ve got some good resources.
      And we are also here for you.

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