Is Procrastination Getting You Down? — 10 Comments

  1. Sheryl,
    I know God guided you to share your post today. So many folks suffer depression. I did in my late twenties. Being fifty years beyond that, I am blessed with God’s promises in His word to assure me of who I am in Him. It is Such a blessing to have the Bible, God’s instruction manual. I determined to continue reading through the Bible in a year for as long as I am able. Beyond that, there is audio. Since I am God’s child and He is always with me, (Joshua 1:9), I will be enjoying it as long as my days be here(Psalm 139:16).
    Keep being a beacon as God’s plan for you mentors those in need.

  2. “Great is Thy Faithfulness”! I’m so glad that God loves us no matter what!! Yes, I’m sure all of us procrastinate to a certain extent, but sometimes we are too hard on ourselves, too. When my children were younger, I was very busy with their sports and school activities, helping out in the first aide rooms, being a nurse, and I also worked in the front office. I also was a part of Bible Study Fellowship for many years. But now as my husband is retired and my kids are grown, I’ve slowed down, a bit. Of course, I help spiritually, as I mentor others, help others with medical advice being chronically ill, but I also rest when I need to for my health. I’m glad that the Lord gives us new mercies every morning!! ❤

    • You are amazing, Kim! I honestly don’t think I’ve EVER had your kind of energy. Even today, as we’re both slowing down, you probably could run circles around me. Haha
      You obviously haven’t (or at least it seems) struggled with a real case of procrastination. I have. It was a HUGE problem years ago. Thankfully, and I do mean, THANKFULLY, it’s not nearly the problem it used to be.
      But whatever I struggle with each day, I always find comfort that God’s mercy is still new every morning!

  3. I can certainly relate! I’m glad those days of deep depression are behind me. You are so right Sheryl; we need to push through and get things done. When we start to slack off we really pay the price.

    • Indeed. I always feel better about my day – and about myself – when I have a productive day.
      Thanks for commenting, Barbara. AND thank you so much for sharing this post on your FB page.

  4. Sheryl, this article hit the nail on the head for me, I so needed it. I struggle with procrastination so very much, I feel like the queen of procrastination. It is encouraging to know I’m not alone in this and to see the responses of other people. Thank you Sheryl for your encouragement.

    • Melanie, you are not alone ~ as you can see by others’ comments, not to mention my own admission. Stay tuned for future articles. In the meantime, let’s pray for each other and BE ENCOURAGED that God will never give up on us! Aren’t you glad? 🙂
      AND thank you for stopping by, Melanie.

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