Why should we spend regular time with God? — 8 Comments

  1. Sheryl Thank you for your post. God’s perfect timing. Iam finding the more quiet time with God. The closer i am growing near to him. Even with all the changes the world throws at me.

    • I’m glad God is using my post to continue the work He has already begun in you, Susan! Indeed, we need to draw closer to God now more than ever.
      THANK you for dropping by AND for sharing my post on your Facebook page!

  2. This is imperative; I couldn’t agree more!! Even today I didn’t handle a situation when my husband was pointing out a problem that I have when we talk sometimes. I wish I had handled it differently, but I can’t change the past, only the future! I’m glad that I have the Lord in my life, so I can go to Him, especially when I’m under a lot of stress with my mom. I’m sure that’s why I can become short tempered at times, but I’ve been working on changing this behavior, and he hadn’t even noticed, so I was upset, which is not a good excuse! Thanks Sheryl; “Seek the Lord, seek His face continually!!” ❤

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