Mercy. Something to be thankful for. — 8 Comments

  1. Humbly at Christ’s feet I bow, I lift my head and he extends his hands and gently gathers me unto his breast and enfolds me their in his mercy and love. What a Saviour. MERCY PAID FOR ME A SINNER TO SET FREE. HALLELUJAH, My life I give back to him. COME HOLY SPIRIT.

  2. Early this morning I woke up with the thought of mercy on my mind. I was overwhelmed by the mercy God provides yet also inundated with blows of doubt as I have struggled far too long to take on more work than I feasibly have time to complete. I have often find myself lying about the outcome/completion status so as not to disappoint the one who assigned the task. It wasn’t that I couldn’t do the work, I just did not have the extra time and was too prideful to ask for help. I have suffered physical setbacks lately and I wonder if this is punishment? I begged God for forgiveness this morning and determined to ask for help when needed and not to let my pride get in the way. When I saw this post on my Twitter feed, I knew this was an on time word for me. Thank you for your obedience in delivering the word of God as he has provided it to you. Thank God for mercy! I am now praying on how I approach those that I have betrayed but also how I handle those that have lied to me and let me down.

    • Dana, I am amazed by how God uses each of us – and thankful. I will pray for/with you as you pursue wisdom on how to approach those you have betrayed and for a heart to extend mercy toward those who betrayed you. I also thank God for your humble and repentant heart!
      Thank you for stopping by Today Can Be Different. I hope you stay in touch, Dana.

  3. “What personality traits would the offended person need to have that would make it easier for you to go to them to confess?”

    This is a good analogy about God. We can always go to him and find mercy.

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