Resentment Brings Out the Worst In Us — 12 Comments

  1. I can not begin to tell you how much this devotion speaks to me. Thank you so much for reading my mind sweet Sheryl.❤️

  2. You mentioned some good points.
    Transformation can happen through faith and a lot of prayers.
    About 2 years ago I started on a mission to change the bickering that went on in our marriage. I prayed hard and when my husband would start bickering or criticizing, I’d send a silent prayer up to let him argue alone. Little by little all bickering stopped and he is so helpful and appreciates everything I do.
    It’s a true miracle so miracles can happen but we as spouses very often have to initiate it.
    Be sincere and stick with it through constant prayers and faith. Jesus is the answer.
    Is it difficult, it is extremely at the onset. Believe me, it is well worth it.

  3. It’s the God given truth and owe it all to Jesus. He stuck by me and even when I sat on the toilet crying and praying.
    I just can’t get over how perfect things are.
    He now thanks me for each day that we’re together.
    I want others to know that a positive change is possible.

  4. My husband is Greek Orthodox and most Greeks are ingrained in their faith from the time of their infant baptism.
    He does respect when ever I watch an online Christian broadcast.
    On the top of my Gratitude Journal, I’ve attached a short but sweet message to him after I’ve been raptured. It is my hope that by my testimony and changed attitude will cause him to receive Jesus at the beginning of the tribulation.
    I’m just so full of joy and let my husband see my exuberance and I want others to know that change doesn’t happen by accident. It’s almost like being at an AA needing. We have to take the initiative.
    Thanks for listening to me and giving others a chance to change.

  5. Oh yes, this is so true, but I find myself in this camp more than I’d like to admit! Please Lord help me to be more thankful for the little things! Yesterday, I was upset with myself when I was unable to fix a piece of jewelry I broke awhile back, but when my husband was able to fix one of my favorite broken clocks, I was thrilled and thankful for his efforts to make me happy! I need more days like this! Thanks Sheryl! I needed this reminder!✝️

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