Respect Others As You Want To Be Respected — 14 Comments

  1. Sheryl, thank you for your exceptional blog message today! I found it to be both insightful and encouraging and have shared it on our Heart”wings” A Women’s Fellowship/Ministry community page as well as my Timeline. j

    • Thank you, Joyce! I appreciate your encouraging words so much. AND thank you for sharing my devotion on your Heart”wings” A Women’s Fellowship/Ministry community page — as well as your Timeline!!

  2. “ Let’s not become discouraged. The same God who convicts us has also promised to work in us to help us treat others with the same respect we desire (and need) to be treated.”

    Such an encouraging message. I do desire to be that person who takes the first step to stop the escalation.

    • Wow! That is so sweet, Dave. THANK you.
      Please pray for me as I continue to write. In fact, I’ll be going to the Florida Christian Writing Conference next month. Please pray that I make good contacts (including finding an agent) and learn a lot!!
      Again, thank you, Dave, for your very kind words – and for reading my weekly devotions

  3. This post was a great reminder of what God expects of us if we say we represent Him on this earth. It’s easy to just ignore others rather than deal with our differences. I feel ignoring others is a form of disrespect and reveals my bias rather than my respect.
    Praying for you as you continue to serve God & others via your blog.

    • I so agree, Pat. It is much easier to ignore someone who disagrees with us – and does not reflect God’s love.
      Thank you for your prayers, Pat! I depend on God’s direction as I write.
      AND thank you for stopping by Today Can Be Different. Please do so often.

  4. I recently moved to Japan to b with my wife and it is amazing what courtesy can do. Maybe because everyone lives so close, people tend to apologize a lot. You get close to someone and both apologize. You even apologize when maybe the other person was at fault. It defused the situation plus in most cases accidental anyway. I think maybe here you are dependent upon your neighbor a lot. You want to be on good terms with your neighbor as if his house catches on fire yours and the whole block probably will unless help fast since your wall is Ma be 3 feet from your neighbors. The whole society seems built on respect. Monday was Respect for Aged holiday by the way.
    Not a Christian nation by any sense but the general feeling here is what one would expect with Christian principles.

    • Hi, Brook. Thank you for your very interesting – and revealing – comment. We could learn SO much from the Japanese in the way we treat one another. I pray we in America do. Thank you for your comment. AND welcome to Today Can Be Different. I hope you stop by often.

  5. I had heard someone else expand on the concept of “Treat others as you wish to be Treated.” Granted even that is hard enough to do all of the time. I heard one person expand on this further and the person called it the Platinum rule : Treat Others as They Wish to be Treated. Do not assume necessarily that how you wish to be treated us the same as the other person. Treat everyone well but in the way the other person wants to. Hard to live up to but a good concept.
    It can also make the world better and more enjoyable for all. I also think that God would want that.

    • Interesting thought, Brooks. Sometimes there’s a real difference in how the other person needs to be treated – not necessarily how we, ourselves, need to be treated. Thank you, Brooks.

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