What If We Had Witnessed Jesus’ Crucifixion? — 9 Comments

  1. I wonder where the Palm Sunday crowds went who lauded Him just a few days earlier. Did they turn-out on Palm Sunday to see Christ the celebrity, miracle worker, and perceived liberator from the Romans, or to see the true Savior of mankind? Why weren’t they at the cross? I can’t be critical because had I been in that crowd, I wonder if I would have been present a few days later.

  2. It’s beautiful. I had thought about this a lot and while I would like to think I would be agonizing over his death, I’m sure I wouldn’t have. I’m sure I would have been in the crowd yelling crucify him. I’m so thankful for a love so great that offers forgiveness to even us in the crowd.

  3. I’ll never forget when I finally realized the gravity of all of Jesus suffering for me, the flogging, bleeding, crown of thorns, humiliation from the Roman soldiers, carrying the cross on His flesh torn, swollen and bloodied back to Golgotha, and then being nailed to that cross and hanging for hours in excruciating pain for each and everyone of us before He gave up His Spirit to the Father and died for us. I was almost 37 when I became a true believer, so I lived still more than half of my life without really knowing Him intimately! Yes, because He knew me before the foundation of the world, He knew I would, but for many years I tried to live on my own failing miserably! Then after my salvation, I saw my filthy rags of sin, He died for, and I could barely stand it, as I confessed literally for days and knew there were many I couldn’t remember, too! But He forgave them all, forgot them, and buried them in the depths of the sea, way before I was even born! His perfect love that is totally inconceivable in our minds, yet He gave His life, so we could live with Him for eternity!! Yes, it still blows my mind that He would do this for me and you and all who accept this free gift of life! What an indescribable gift He gave to us! What amazing love He shares with us every day, because of all He did for us back then. We should always want to love and please Him daily with our actions and words towards others, and pray for others to come to know Him as we do! Thanks Sheryl!✝️❣️

    • Wow! I am touched by the candid comments made by you, Robert and Delores, Kim!
      Kim, your words can be echoed by millions of us! Thank you for wording our thoughts so well.

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