What Kind of America Do You Want For Your Children? — 11 Comments

  1. Thanks for this great reminder! I often forget to pray for the United States and Christians around the world who are being persecuted.

    • I get it, Barbara. To keep my intercession list more manageable, I pray for my family every day and divide the rest of the prayer requests on different days of the week.
      Thank you for stopping by again, Barbara!

  2. Unfortunately, it’s about the same in much of the world. I realize that it is prophesied in the Bible but it’s still very disturbing. I think that the church is soon to be raptured the way things are escalating.
    A thoughtful message.

    • Agree. It is most disturbing, Sandra. And is indeed escalating. I can’t help but think as you do that we are nearing the time when Jesus comes to gather His church and takes us to heaven!
      And thank you for the compliment, Sandra!

  3. <3 Sheryl, thank you for your exceptional blog message for today in which you ask what kind of America we want for our children. Your insightful words: “Praying fervently for each other and for our leaders avails (accomplishes) much. It could even unite us as a nation. The more we pray as a unified nation, the better we (and future generations) can face whatever the future holds” bring comfort to my heart in these troubling times. May we continue in our daily prayers for America and its leaders and find solace in knowing that God is in control. Amen! <3 I am both honored and blessed to share your message on my Timeline. <3

  4. Thank you Sheryl for touching on what weighs on my mind heavily. I look at my precious grandchildren, my gifts from God, and it fills me with fear for their future. Dear God please help us!

    • Dear God, please help us, indeed!
      Marla, you are not alone. Current events weigh heavily on most of us. Thankfully, God is powerful AND compassionate AND merciful – and is fully in control. So I encourage you to spend lots of time meditating on and reading God’s Word, praying (by yourself and with others), and for sure, fellowshipping with believers.
      Also, worshipping God is a great way to overcome fear, dear friend.
      And as I mentioned in my devotion, let’s teach our children and grandchildren to do the same.
      Please pray for me – as I pray for you, Marla. We must not give into fear.
      I love you. (I always appreciate your transparency.)

  5. This year’s National Day of Prayer theme, “Pray Fervently in Righteousness and Avail Much.” was based on the second portion of James 5:16 (NIV):

    The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

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