Hope for the Procrastinator — 6 Comments

  1. Yes, whatever we do we need to do it unto the Lord. Col 3:23. And also, I have noticed that when I do make a To-Do list and accomplish my entire list be it for the day or for the week, I have such a feeling of accomplishment. Getting needed things done is like weeding out a garden. It makes room for the plants to grow and they don’t have to fight for their nutrients.

  2. Maybe it’s the result of a Catholic upbringing, but when I procrastinate I feel like I’ve sinned. I feel regret, sorrow, depression. Every day, even when I haven’t been procrastinating, I pray, “Lord, please help me be a better version of myself, and help me do the things I need to do.”

    • Wow! That’s a lot of emotions, indeed. I admit that I struggle with feeling as if I’ve let God down when I waste a lot of time – like a whole day. Which is why the post encouraged me, too. 😉
      Phyllis, I hope you will take the message to heart. By the way, I love your prayer.

  3. It DEFINITELY speaks to me! After NOT completing writing I feel God called me to, I’m now facing a situation where temporarily changing courses may be necessary. Your article is very encouraging.. Especially this passage:

    “although He enjoys seeing us reach our goals – especially those He has put in our hearts to accomplish – His love for us and His opinion of us doesn’t waver regarding our checked off to-do list. Yet, the good news is that God will also help us accomplish those very tasks.”

    THANKS for a word of encouragement!

    • Thank you, Sandy. (And just so you know, your visit to the blog and your great comment encourages me in what I’m praying to do in my writing. So, thanks!!!)

      Also, God always encourages me as I write. This post was also meant for me, fellow writer and procrastinator. 😉
      Let’s pray for each other.
      In the meanwhile, if you ever want to post goals on my blog – I’ll be there to cheer you on AND post my goal, too.

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